Kevin Duong
Assistant Professor of Political Studies
Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
209 Aspinwall
Google Voice: (865) 226-9509

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Hello! You can find here information about my current work and research interests. I’m currently Assistant Professor of Political Studies at Bard College, where I teach and write on the history of political thought.

My research investigates the intersections of democratic theory and political violence, with an area focus on modern French political thought and intellectual history. In my current book project, The Virtues of Violence, I examine the recurring role of regenerative violence in the traditions of republicanism in France. I am also beginning research for a second book, The Revolution of the Ballot, which explores revolutionary conceptions of democratic voice, forged during the struggle for universal suffrage in France and America, and anchored in transformative visions of the family, economy, and state.

In addition to the canon of modern political theory, I teach social theory, feminist political thought, historiography, and various topics in modern European political thought and development.

You can also find me elsewhere on the web. Current papers I am presenting at workshops and conferences can be found on my academia page. My book collection, small but growing, is at librarything.